Hi there! My name is Femke. Welcome.

I believe in growing through Loving Attention. It’s why I work as a Yoga Teacher & Life Coach.

Are you currently living in The Hague and would you like to know if yoga, life coaching or mindfulness based therapy could work for you? Feel free to contact me and we can meet up for a cup of coffee in the city centre of the Hague.

Yoga in the Hague

I’m teaching private yoga classes and offer life coaching sessions & mindfulness based therapy either at Saktiisha Yoga, your place, or in summer time: on the beach.

Public classes at Saktiisha Yoga


10.30  Gentle Hatha yoga

17.00  Yin/restoritive yoga


17:00 Yin Yoga


09:30 Yin Yoga

11:15 Hatha Yoga & Deep relaxation

About me

Like I said, I live in The Hague (Den Haag), in the Netherlands.

So I’m a Dutch girl. Since The Hague is such an International city, I do give many of my classes in English. And because the Yoga world is quite an international world too, I’ve decided to use both the English and Dutch language on this website.

Some stuff about me & my life; some words that make me smile! Yoga (of course!), beaches, people, nature, liberal spirituality, books, love, connecting, friends, share, tea, flowers, sunsets, read, blog, stewardess, latte machiatto, lifecoach, music, inspire, Rumi, laughter, good Merlot, dogs and yes, more books! Its my smile list!



What can I offer you in my yoga lessons?

Start to feel your own body talking to you again. It will tell you perfectly when you are on the wrong track, out of synch or stressed. You will feel how to adjust your approach to life, by raising your level of self-awareness. This will save you a lot of time, effort and bad decisions, believe me ha ha.

Become more flexible in mind & body, regardless of how inflexible, old, imperfect or injured you might perceive yourself to be. You can always benefit from yoga. And you do not have to be able to touch your nose with your toes in my class. In fact, you don’t need to touch your toes either! And you are also allowed to laugh.


How did I find yoga?

I found yoga in 2006, after I had an accident and seriously injured my back. So the original role of yoga in my life was at a physical, rehabilitative level. It worked well for me. I enjoyed it, and my back improved and strengthened.

In 2009, my challenges became more psychological. I hit my wall; my mental wall. My house burned down while I was sleeping, and a fireman came to my 3rd floor door just in time, and rescued me. I was rescued. I was alive. But 6 months later, I followed my house. I burned down too!

How is this usefull to you?

The healing effect of yoga was really powerful. I struggled with hyperventilation, panic attacks, stress & anxiety at work, and constantly doubting myself. The reason I tell you about this is that I still experience a lot of taboo on these subjects. People are ashamed of it, like I was then too. But for me, learning how to connect to my body & breath again was essential.

Did it happen over night? Was it a Eureka moment; an epiphany? Nope, sorry, no big bang there. But I felt progress away from my dark spaces. First internally, but later externally too. I felt a shift in my outlook.

Share Share Share!

In the meantime I was getting to love yoga so much that I wanted to share it. So eventually I traveled to Dharamshala in India, the hometown of the Dalai Lama, to train as a yoga teacher (200 RYS). It has proved to be the most wonderful decision of my life. That’s why additionally I did a (2oo RYS) yin yoga teacher training at the Nieuwe Yoga School in Amsterdam.


Next to that I have studied Psychology for one year at the Open University in the Hague. But since I wanted to work with people on a more practical level, I decided to follow the route of being a certified life coach. Followed up by a mindfulness based therapy training.


My education has been recognized at the following institutions:

Orde van
European mentoring & coaching council Stichting Hoger Onderwijs
Stichting Post
Hoger Beroeps
Vereniging Integrale Vitaliteitskunde

I hope you have enjoyed hearing a little of my journey. I mentioned “share” in my list. Its a really important word to me and I’d love to read about your journey, whether it has a similar thread to my own, or whether it is a world away. Please feel free to reply to one of my blogs.

Thank you for joining me here. Hope to see you soon.

With love,



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